Our Mission

Conserve and Protect Arizona works to educate, inspire and engage the people of Arizona, and our nation, to protect our conservation heritage. It embraces the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation and seeks to protect wildlife and its habitat, through science based management. We recognize our state and nation’s long held traditions in the Great Outdoors and will strive to conserve, and hold in trust all wildlife for future generations.

For Immediate Release:

The Humane Society of the United States and their Arizona Shell Organization, Arizonans for Wildlife, Admit Major Defeat by a Coalition of Arizona Wildlife Conservationists

Phoenix- The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a scandal laden political organization, waited until a slow news holiday weekend to announce their stunning failure to qualify an anti-science based wildlife management initiative for the upcoming 2018 ballot.

In an excuse laden message to their small group of supporters, Kitty Block, Acting President & CEO of HSUS said, “This difficult decision is the result of a perfect storm of local obstacles and emerging national issues…” What the acting CEO did not explain is how the HSUS is racked with forced departure of their senior leadership for flagrant, sexual harassment misconduct and the approaching decertification of the organization by the Better Business Bureau for their fundraising tactics.

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