Conserve and Protect Arizona strives to conserve and hold in trust, all wildlife for future generations.

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  • By the 1930’s the Gould’s turkey population had disappeared from Arizona’s landscape. Since 1983 the Arizona Game & Fish Department has successfully restored the population from zero to one thousand and counting.
  • The work Arizona Game & Fish Department has done in conjunction with local tribes and US wildlife agencies have restored Apache Trout habitats, which were once extinct in Arizona.
  • Once considered a pest and eradicated from Arizona’s grasslands, the Black-tailed Prairie Dog, due to successful reintroductions by the Arizona Game & Fish Department, is back home as an essential part of the grasslands ecosystem.
  • In 1967 the Pronghorn Antelope was listed as an endangered species. The Arizona Game & Fish Department through scientific study of landscape, terrain, and vegetation, leads the nation in successful translocation practices, and growing more antelope.
  • The Arizona Game & Fish Department in an historic and innovative collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service along with Federal and State transportation agencies, have significantly increased the safety for motorists and the local bighorn sheep population by building three wildlife overpasses and funnel fencing to keep sheep off the roads and connected to their habitat.



North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Arizona Game and Fish Response Letter to the HSUS

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